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Home Made soap


  • Eco friendly 
  • NZ Made 
  • Ethically Produced
  • Quality 

These castile soaps are made in Wellington in NZ by using a traditional recipe and the base contains pure olive oil , water and Lye, which is great for sensitive skin. Castile is known to be long lasting and this soap gets better with age and is environmentally friendly.

We have 4 soaps from the castile soap range from the pure olive oil bar which contains only natural ingredients to the sweet dreams lavender bar which is a little bit special and the ingredients are listed. The Oatmeal sensitive bomb bath bomb is great for sensitive dry or irritated skin and all products are wrapped in biodegradable wrap. 

Pure olive oil - The pure olive oil castile soap contains only olive oil, water and Lye. This is the base and the other soaps have pure essential oil and other ingredients added.  

Black beauty -  pure essential oil and charcoal 

The orange and cinnamon contains fresh carrot and poppy seeds – smells divine 

Sweet dreams lavender contains a few more ingredients , soapers dye, titanium dioxide, biodegradable/edible glitter depending on availability.

The oatmeal sensitive bomb contains baking soda ,citric acid, corn starch, oatmeal , fragrance oil, coconut oil and cocoa butter.

  • $8.00

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