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Q. How do I get my products?

    A. Initially, the Partner reseller is responsible for any shipping or pick up requirements. If the product you wish to purchase doesn’t specify, please contact the reseller directly.

Q. Can I buy multiple items/products from multiple resellers

    A. This feature is not available at this stage but we will be working on this and launching it as soon as possible.


Q. I don't have any products to sell, will this still work for me?

    A. The driver behind We are Local is to promote which businesses are locally owned and operated, some services or consultations/quotes could be productised and for these items, the customer/user will contact you directly via a contact form from the website.

Q. Are there any ongoing costs?

    A. At this stage, there are no ongoing costs, other than the 5% transaction/processing fee. In time there will be paid options to promote/feature your products and/or business on the home page.

Q. If I am not selling products, shouldn’t the set up be less?

     A. No. The page setup cost is to add your branding colours, logo and create a custom login for you to manage the page going forward.

Q. How do I get paid?

     A. All payments on the We are Local platform will be transferred via the Stripe payment gateway, a globally recognised, secure provider for online payments. Payouts generally arrive in the bank account on a 4-day rolling basis, and we will be ensuring that your payments will be deposited at least weekly, however, once everything is up and running smoothly, payments will be getting process twice a week (Mondays and Thursdays) and will only be subject to being cleared. Stripe says availability depends on a number of factors such as the industry and country you’re operating in, and the risks involved. Read more here