Davines Home Haircare

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Davines Home Haircare

DavinesHalcyon is a boutique destination salon space, and as such have partnered themselves with a professional and high-quality haircare brand.

Davines is a family-owned business in Parma, Italy, which has been in the industry for 30 years. They produce their products using renewable energy, no animal testing, and less chemicals - making it safer for our clients and ourselves, and also safer on the environment with food grade packaging which is easy to reuse or recycle. This was an important decision for us, as the brand we chose had to fit the underlying philosophies of our salon.

Davines have designed a product line that reflects their values, their way of respecting people, their context and the environment in which they live. The scientific knowledge behind Davines combines with the protection of the artisanal and cultural heritage of the Mediterranean region to give rise to optimum Essential Haircare┬« formulas, free from harmful ingredients.

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