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About Us

We are Local is one bigger idea that comes from two simple ideas: First, buying local supports your families and friends, their friends, and even that random muppet who ends up in your way the entire grocery trip somehow. How long do you need to stare at peanut butters anyway?  

Second, the quality of local businesses is just better. For real. When’s the last time you were like, “This pre-made cake made from 80% preservatives is a sweet explogasm of the senses” or “My all-time favourite painter is this dude with the huge stack of identical pictures with the Made in China sticker on the back”? 

When you think about local businesses, maybe you think of speciality or boutique shops like a place that makes sweaters entirely out of black goat fur. And that’s (probably) a thing, because local businesses are the GOAT. But there’s a local business for just about everything, from gluten-free pastries to hand-sewn clothing to household items made from reusable materials. 

We Are Local aims to make our local communities great (again) because 2/3 of every dollar spent at a local business stays within the community and recycles among us all, like a recirculating water filtration system minus the urine. The only piss we take out here is against the big-box chains that think their mass-produced clone army products can stand up to the charming, buff protagonist that’s local business.  

Small businesses support about half of the people in the country, and 97% of businesses have fewer than 20 employees. That means there are a whole lot of Kiwis out there working as the little guy. And what are a lot of these businesses missing? A regular, consistent salary way to reach customers. 

That’s where we come in. 

We’ve created an online platform for local businesses to sell a couple of their top goods and services all in one place, directly from this site. Having shopping withdrawals? Get a hit over on the Partners page and test your impulse control or find that elusive victory you’ve been searching for since the Stags had a winning season. 

And if you’re a local business keen to join the cool kids, we’re making it easy, simple, and straightforward so even an off-the-grid hobo discovering “Tha intret” for the first time can join easily. Go to our Contact page to get started, start selling, and sell out… Of products, not your integrity.