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Hair and Makeup Services

Halcyon - a unique creative space where hair, make-up, photography and fashion collide under one roof.

Halcyon is multi-purpose, designed to be a beautiful salon for hair and make-up with a custom built professional photographic studio for hire that doubles as a seminar/educational space. Halcyon also has a freelance option available for out of town weddings, on location photo shoots, T.V. and film pre-production, shows and events.

At Halcyon, we like to do things a bit differently. We book our guests independently by appointment to create a bespoke hairdressing experience. We give you undivided attention at all times because we feel having your hair styled and makeup applied is an incredibly intimate experience. The industry as a whole has been headed in the opposite direction for far too long!

Our beautiful salon opened its space, overtime expanding the team and becoming the Halcyon family.  All being extremely talented, friendly, creative and experienced hairdressers, that fit right in to our unique environment. We only take on board qualified and professional members of the hairdressing community, so you can be sure that your experience at Halcyon is one of the highest standard.

Pop in and say hi to the team!

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